Oct 102016

Kerry Margaret Butch has joined CEED as our Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator.  She has extensive experience in community organizing and advocacy, including environmental justice projects.  She will work closely with Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) Director Robert Laumbach, MD, MPH.  She will facilitate communication between CEED scientists, community groups, and the general public in order to built and maintain mutually beneficial community-CEED partnerships.  She is also joining the CEED Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) team, to support community groups in their participation in research, education and involvement in two-way discussions on the impact of environmental exposures on communities and individuals.  Updates will be posted here and on the COEC page:

Community Outreach and Engagement Core

Aug 182016

They include:     Renal Efflux Transporters as Modulators of Heavy Metal Toxicity (Lauren Aleksunes, P.I.)     Perfluoronate Serum Levels in Paulsboro Residents: A Cross Sectional Study (Judith Graber, P.I.)     Methylmercury Toxicology (Jeffrey Laskin, P.I.)     Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) α in Chlorine-induced Pulmonary Injury (Rama Malaviya, P.I.)     Effects of maternal exposures [read more]

Mar 222016
Big Data in Modern Computational Toxicology

Leader: The big data approaches developed in this project are expected to directly evaluate the chemical animal toxicity for new compounds from existing public toxicity data. Additionally, the chemical-in vitro-in vivo relationships developed in the modeling process can be used to explain and predict potential toxicity mechanisms. Figure 1. The chemical in vitro-in vivo relationships [read more]