Jan 142016

SPECIAL 2015-16 RFP: COMMUNITY-ENGAGED ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH PROJECTS In the fall of 2015, CEED issued a special call for proposals to link environmental research to communities affected by environmental problems. The RFP required that researchers work with CEED members affiliated with the Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) and community organizations to prepare collaborative projects. [read more]

Oct 162015
2015 THED High School Summer Program

The Toxicology, Health and Environmental Disease (THED) high school summer program continues its success through the summer of 2015. JGPT students, led by Alessandro Venosa, John Szilagyi and Stephanie Marco, coordinated lessons, seminars and laboratory activities for 47 high school students over the course of two weeks. First introduced in 2013, THED continues to provide [read more]