Aug 182016

They include:

  •     Renal Efflux Transporters as Modulators of Heavy Metal Toxicity (Lauren Aleksunes, P.I.)
  •     Perfluoronate Serum Levels in Paulsboro Residents: A Cross Sectional Study (Judith Graber, P.I.)
  •     Methylmercury Toxicology (Jeffrey Laskin, P.I.)
  •     Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) α in Chlorine-induced Pulmonary Injury (Rama Malaviya, P.I.)
  •     Effects of maternal exposures to OPFR on offspring energy homeostasis (Troy Roepke, P.I.)
  •     Innate immune cell bioenergetics and activation after bariatric surgery: A comparison of adolescents and adults (Anna Vetrano, P.I.)
  •     Molecular Mechanism Linking Environmental Phthalate Exposure and Prematurity (Bingbing Wang, P.I.)
  •     Effect of the Gut Microbiome on Susceptibility to Mammary Carcinogenesis(Zarbl, P.I.)

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 August 18, 2016