Jun 122018

Helmut Zarbl, Ph.D. –  Circadian Rhythm and Your Health Podcast 

In this podcast, Helmut Zarbl, Ph.D., discusses his research on circadian rhythms, and highlights why people who work night shifts and are frequently exposed to nighttime light have increased rates of certain types of cancer. We’ll also learn tips for maintaining a normal, healthy circadian rhythm and getting a good night’s sleep.

Listen to Dr. Zarbl’s podcast

Kerry Butch – Truck Counts and Air Quality Monitoring on First Street

Kerry Margaret Butch, Community Engagement Coordinator for The Rutgers Center for Environmental Exposure and Disease (CEED), is featured in the June Grantee Highlights on the webpage of the Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH), a program of the NIH-National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. She tells the story of collaboration between researchers and community groups to document and publicize the harmful effects of diesel truck traffic in the area around the Newark-Elizabeth Port, and provides a link to the video made by CEED, Countdown to Cleaner Air: Street Scientists and the Fight for First Street.

Watch Countdown to Cleaner Air: Street Scientists and the Fight for First Street.

 June 12, 2018
Jun 082018

Howard Kipen (Rutgers University School of Public Health, NJ, US) is Chair of the ATS Assembly on Environmental, Occupational and Population Health (EOPH). Here he discusses the mission and scope of his Assembly, the relevance of environment and occupational health to clinical pulmonologists, significant recent developments in his field and activities at ATS 2018 that have been of greatest interest.


1. Tell us a little about the Assembly on Environmental, Occupational and Population Health (EOPH) (0:10)

2. Why is the environment and occupational health of relevance to practising clinical pulmonologists? (1:44)

3. What have been the most significant recent developments in your field? (3:00)

4. What activities/presentations at ATS 2018 are of greatest interest to your assembly? (4:37)


Speaker disclosure: Howard Kipen has nothing to disclose in relation to this video interview.

Filmed at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Conference 2018, San Diego, CA, US, May 2018.

 June 8, 2018