Core Directors: Brian Buckley, PhD and G. Mainelis
Members: Ah-Ng Kong, PhD; Clifford Weisel, PhD

The Chemical Analysis Core provides technical expertise and access to instrumentation for separation and chemical characterization of a broad range of organic and inorganic compounds. Separation techniques available include GC, HPLC, and IC. The mass spectrometric capabilities are based on quadrapole and ion trap technologies. The Core plays a critical role in the development of new assays and services required by Center investigators, including protocols for extraction, purification and concentration of analytes. The Core provides consultation during the experimental design to ensure efficient allocation of resources and trains graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and investigators on the proper acquisition and interpretation of data obtained from the shared instrumentation.

The Center’s protein and metabolite analysis activities are part of this facility core. These services include identification of changes in protein expression, generating metabolite profiles and characterization of peptides with post-translational modifications. The Core develops and applies tools for qualitative and quantitative comparisons of profiles to identify biological response indicators.

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