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Exposures and Disease

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2023Brunetti L, Wang L, Wassef A, Gong Y, Brinker A, Buckley B, Lipsky PE, Ondar P, Poiani G, Zhao L, Kong AN and Schlesinger NPharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics ofanthocyanins after administration of tart cherry juice to individuals with gout
Mol Nutr Food Res36843307
2023Burgess JL, Fisher JM, Nematollahi A, Jung AM, Calkins MM, Graber JM, Grant CC, Beitel SC, Littau SR, Gulotta JJ, Wallentine DD, Hughes RJ, Popp C, Calafat AM, Botelho JC, Coleman AD, Schaefer- Solle N, Louzado-Feliciano P, Oduwole SO and Caban-Martinez AJSerum per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance concentrations in four municipal US fire departmentsAm J Ind Med358645709859935
2023Gaylord A, Barrett ES, Sathyanarayana S, Swan SH, Nguyen RHN, Bush NR, Carroll K, Day DB, Kannan K and Trasande LPrenatal bisphenol A and S exposure and atopic disease phenotypes at age 6Environ Res36889565
2023Goetz TG, Aghi K, Anacker C, Ehrensaft D, Eshel N, Marrocco J, Young JW and Roepke TAPerspective on equitable translational studies and
clinical support for an unbiased inclusion of the LGBTQIA2S+community
Neuropsychopharmacol ogy36928352
2023Li Q, Lesseur C, Srirangam P, Kaur K, Hermetz K, Caudle WM, Fiedler N, Panuwet P, Prapamontol T, Naksen W, Suttiwan P, Baumert BO, Hao K, Barr DB, Marsit CJ and Chen JAssociations between prenatal organophosphate pesticide exposure and placental gene networksEnviron Res3682825210054353
2023Liang HW, Snyder N, Wang J, Xun X, Yin Q, LeWinn K, Carroll KN, Bush NR, Kannan K, Barrett ES, Mitchell RT, Tylavsky F and Adibi JJA study on the association of placental and maternal urinary phthalate metabolitesJ Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol36114292
2023Merlo E, Zimerman J, Dos Santos FCF, Zanol JF, da Costa CS, Carneiro PH, Miranda-Alves L, Warner GR and Graceli JBSubacute and low dose of tributyltin exposure leads to brown adipose abnormalities in male ratsToxicol Lett366389329928871
2023Pappas G, Wilkinson ML and Gow AJNitric oxide regulation of cellular metabolism: adaptive tuning of cellular energyNitric Oxide364703739839556
2023Sombatsawat E, Luangwilai T, Kaewchandee C, Robson MG and Siriwong WImpact of environmental heat exposure on the health status in farmworkers, Nakhon Ratchasima, ThailandRocz Panstw Zakl Hig37013902
2023Wang T, Russo DP, Bitounis D, Demokritou P, Jia X, Huang H and Zhu HIntegrating structure annotation and machine learning approaches to develop graphene toxicity models Carbon N Y368455279957041
2023Zhang J, Goods BA, Pattarawat P, Wang Y, Haining
T, Zhang Q, Shalek AK, Duncan FE, Woodruff TK and Xiao S
An ex vivo ovulation system enables the discovery of novel ovulatory pathways and non-hormonal contraceptive candidatesBiol Reprod36708230
2023Zhang L and Guo GLGut-specific inhibition of PPARα as a novel approach of NAFLD treatmentHepatology35633082
2023Gowdy KM and Laskin DLResolution of inflammation in xenobiotic-induced mucosal injury and chronic diseaseToxicol Appl Pharmacol36907382
2023Ladd-Acosta C, Vang E, Barrett ES, Bulka CM, Bush NR, Cardenas A, Dabelea D, Dunlop AL, Fry RC, Gao X, Goodrich JM, Herbstman J, Hivert MF, Kahn LG, Karagas MR, Kennedy EM, Knight AK, Mohazzab-Hosseinian S, Morin A, Niu Z, O'Shea TM, Palmore M, Ruden D, Schmidt RJ, Smith AK, Song A, Spindel ER, Trasande L, Volk H, Weisenberger DJ and Breton CVAnalysis of pregnancy complications and epigenetic gestational age of newbornsJAMA Netw Open368268159958528
2023Taylor R, Armstrong L, Bhattacharya A, Henry Z, Brinker A, Buckley B, Kong B and Guo GMyclobutanil-mediated alteration of liver-gut FXR signaling in miceToxicol Sci365116169936201
2023Zeinomar N, Qin B, Amin S, Lin Y, Xu B, Chanumolu D, Omene CO, Pawlish KS, Demissie K, Ambrosone CB, Hong CC and Bandera EVAssociation of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption with subsequent mortality among black breast cancer survivors in New JerseyJAMA Netw Open36692882
2023Barrett ES, Rivera-Núñez Z, Getz K, Ohman- Strickland P, Zhang R, Kozlosky D, Doherty CL, Buckley BT, Brunner J, Miller RK, O'Connor TG and Aleksunes LMProtective role of the placental efflux transporter BCRP/ABCG2 in the relationship between prenatal cadmium exposure, placenta weight, and size at birthEnviron Res36863650
2023Bush NR, Noroña-Zhou A, Coccia M, Rudd KL, Ahmad SI, Loftus CT, Swan SH, Nguyen RHN, Barrett ES, Tylavsky FA, Mason WA, Karr CJ, Sathyanarayana S and LeWinn KZIntergenerational transmission of stress: multi- domain stressors from maternal childhood and pregnancy predict children's mental health in a racially and socioeconomically diverse, multi-site cohortSoc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol36735003
2023Caruth J, Black K, Legard A, De Resende A, Getz K, Borowski M, Debilio L, Brewer A, Kipen H, Udasin IG and Graber JMIncidence and predictors of COVID-19 infection in prison healthcare workersJ Occup Environ Med36882811
2023Cary CM, DeLoid GM, Yang Z, Bitounis D, Polunas M, Goedken MJ, Buckley B, Cheatham B, Stapleton PA and Demokritou PIngested polystyrene nanospheres translocate to
placenta and fetal tissues in pregnant rats: potential health implications
Nanomaterials (Basel)368390889965230
2023Herbert J, Kelty JS, Laskin JD, Laskin DL and Gow AJMenthol flavoring in e-cigarette condensate causes pulmonary dysfunction and cytotoxicity in precision cut lung slicesAm J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol3669216510026991
2023Malaviya R, Gardner CR, Rancourt RC, Smith LC, Abramova EV, Vayas KN, Gow AJ, Laskin JD and Laskin DLLung injury and oxidative stress induced by inhaled
chlorine in mice is associated with proinflammatory activation of macrophages and altered bioenergetics
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol366900869960611
2023Meakin C, Kim C, Lampert T and Aleksunes LMHigh-throughput screening of toxicants that modulate extravillous trophoblast migrationToxicol Lett365355179877196
2023Noroña-Zhou A, Coccia M, Sullivan A, O'Connor TG, Collett BR, Derefinko K, Renner LM, Loftus CT, Roubinov D, Carroll KN, Nguyen RHN, Karr CJ, Sathyanarayana S, Barrett ES, Mason WA, LeWinn KZ and Bush NRA multi-cohort examination of the independent contributions of maternal childhood adversity and pregnancy stressors to the prediction of children's anxiety and depressionRes Child Adolesc Psychopathol3646213710017630
2023Padula AM, Ning X, Bakre S, Barrett ES, Bastain T, Bennett DH, Bloom MS, Breton CV, Dunlop AL, Eick SM, Ferrara A, Fleisch A, Geiger S, Goin DE, Kannan K, Karagas MR, Korrick S, Meeker JD, Morello-Frosch R, O'Connor TG, Oken E, Robinson M, Romano ME, Schantz SL, Schmidt RJ, Starling AP, Zhu Y, Hamra GB and Woodruff TJBirth outcomes in relation to prenatal exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and stress in the environmental influences on child health outcomes (ECHO) programEnviron Health Perspect3692005110015888
2023Radbel J, Meshanni JA, Gardner CR, Le-Hoang O, Cervelli J, Laskin JD, Gow AJ and Laskin DLNovel method to assess resident alveolar macrophage efferocytosis of apoptotic neutrophils by flow cytometryToxicol Appl Pharmacol365659399870943
2023Ren X, Mi Z and Georgopoulos PGSocioexposomics of COVID-19 across New Jersey: a comparison of geostatistical and machine learning approachesJ Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol367259249889956
2023Rivera-Núñez Z, Kinkade CW, Khoury L, Brunner J, Murphy H, Wang C, Kannan K, Miller RK, O'Connor TG and Barrett ESPrenatal perfluoroalkyl substances exposure and maternal sex steroid hormones across pregnancyEnviron Res366215439977559
2023Singh D, Tassew DD, Nelson J, Chalbot MG, Kavouras IG, Tesfaigzi Y and Demokritou PPhysicochemical and toxicological properties of
wood smoke particulate matter as a function of wood species and combustion condition
J Hazard Mater360844629532370
2023Yasrebi A, Regan D and Roepke TAThe influence of estrogen response element Erα signaling in the control of feeding behaviors in male and female miceSteroids36990195
2022Baumert BO, Fiedler N, Prapamontol T, Suttiwan P, Naksen W, Panuwet P, Sittiwang S, Dokjunyam C, Smarr MM, Marsit CJ, Ryan PB, Siriwong W, Robson MG and Barr DBInvestigation of prenatal pesticide exposure and neurodevelopmental deficits in northern thailand: protocol for a longitudinal birth cohort studyJMIR Res Protoc351294518861866
2022Buckley JP, Kuiper JR, Bennett DH, Barrett ES, Bastain T, Breton CV, Chinthakindi S, Dunlop AL, Farzan SF, Herbstman JB, Karagas MR, Marsit CJ, Meeker JD, Morello-Frosch R, O'Connor TG, Romano ME, Schantz S, Schmidt RJ, Watkins DJ, Zhu H, Pellizzari ED, Kannan K and Woodruff TJExposure to contemporary and emerging chemicals in commerce among pregnant women in the United States: the environmental influences on child health outcome (ECHO) programEnviron Sci Technol355369189118548
2022Castiblanco-Rubio GA, Muñoz-Rocha TV, Téllez- Rojo MM, Ettinger AS, Mercado-García A, Peterson KE, Hu H, Cantoral A and Martínez-Mier EADietary influences on urinary fluoride over the course of pregnancy and at one-year postpartumBiol Trace Elem Res34176079
2022Choi G, Kuiper JR, Bennett DH, Barrett ES, Bastain TM, Breton CV, Chinthakindi S, Dunlop AL, Farzan SF, Herbstman JB, Karagas MR, Marsit CJ, Meeker JD, Morello-Frosch R, O'Connor TG, Pellizzari ED, Romano ME, Sathyanarayana S, Schantz S, Schmidt RJ, Watkins DJ, Zhu H, Kannan K, Buckley JP and Woodruff TJExposure to melamine and its derivatives and aromatic amines among pregnant women in the United States: the ECHO programChemosphere360555889748524
2022Ciallella HL, Chung E, Russo DP and Zhu HAutomatic quantitative structure-activity relationship modeling to fill data gaps in high-throughput screeningMethods Mol Biol35294765
2022Ciallella HL, Russo DP, Sharma S, Li Y, Sloter E, Sweet L, Huang H and Zhu HPredicting prenatal developmental toxicity based on the combination of chemical structures and bological dataEnviron Sci Technol354518209191745
2022Dillon KP, Krumins V, Deshpande A, Kerkhof LJ, Mainelis G and Fennell DECharacterization and DNA stable-isotope probing of methanotrophic bioaerosolsMicrobiol Spectr364090969769660
2022Ettinger ASInvited perspective: identifying childhood lead exposure hotspots for actionEnviron Health Perspect358945919327736
2022Hafey MJ, Aleksunes LM, Bridges CC, Brouwer KR, Chien HC, Leslie EM, Hu S, Li Y, Shen J, Sparreboom A, Sprowl J, Tweedie D and Lai YTransporters and toxicity: insights from the international transporter consortium workshop 4Clin Pharmacol Ther35546260
2022Halvorson BD, Menon NJ, Goldman D, Frisbee SJ, Goodwill AG, Butcher JT, Stapleton PA, Brooks SD, d'Audiffret AC, Wiseman RW, Lombard JH, Brock RW, Olfert IM, Chantler PD and Frisbee JCThe development of peripheral microvasculopathy with chronic metabolic disease in obese zucker rats: a retrograde emergence?Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol359048869448278
2022Han F, Chen G, Tao G, Xu J, Zhang H, Zhang L, Li H, Zhao Y, Tian D, Kimura SY, Wei X, Ruan Y, Wu C, Xiao S, Zhan M and Zheng WThyroid-disrupting effects caused by exposure to alternative flame retardants from groundwater contamination in rural central ChinaSci Total Environ35636535
2022He R, Zhang J and Mainelis GResuspension of particles deposited by nano- enabled consumer sprays: The role of product type, flooring material, and resuspension forceIndoor Air364376549827835
2022Heindel JJ, Howard S, Agay-Shay K, Arrebola JP, Audouze K, Babin PJ, Barouki R, Bansal A, Blanc E, Cave MC, Chatterjee S, Chevalier N, Choudhury M, Collier D, Connolly L, Coumoul X, Garruti G, Gilbertson M, Hoepner LA, Holloway AC, Howell G, 3rd, Kassotis CD, Kay MK, Kim MJ, Lagadic- Gossmann D, Langouet S, Legrand A, Li Z, Le Mentec H, Lind L, Monica Lind P, Lustig RH, Martin- Chouly C, Munic Kos V, Podechard N, Roepke TA, Sargis RM, Starling A, Tomlinson CR, Touma C, Vondracek J, Vom Saal F and Blumberg BObesity II: establishing causal links between chemical exposures and obesityBiochem Pharmacol353952409124454
2022Jani N, Christie IC, Wu TD, Guzman DE, Han J, Broderick B, Falvo MJ, Sotolongo A, Osinubi OY and Helmer DAFactors associated with a diagnosis of sarcoidosis among US veterans of Iraq and AfghanistanSci Rep365438159772322
2022Laumbach RJ and Cromar KRPersonal interventions to reduce exposure to outdoor air pollutionAnnu Rev Public Health34936825
2022Maita I, Roepke TA and Samuels BAChronic stress-induced synaptic changes to corticotropin-releasing factor-signaling in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalisFront Behav Neurosci359834759378865
2022Manibusan S and Mainelis GPassive bioaerosol samplers: a complementary tool for bioaerosol research. a reviewJ Aerosol Sci363862799648171
2022Marques E, Pfohl M, Wei W, Tarantola G, Ford L, Amaeze O, Alesio J, Ryu S, Jia X, Zhu H, Bothun GD and Slitt AReplacement per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are potent modulators of lipogenic and drug metabolizing gene expression signatures in primary human hepatocytesToxicol Appl Pharmacol353378079036616
2022Marrocco A, Singh D, Christiani DC and Demokritou PE-cigarette vaping associated acute lung injury (EVALI): state of science and future research needsCrit Rev Toxicol358225089716650
2022Meling DD, De La Torre KM, Arango AS, Gonsioroski A, Deviney ARK, Neff AM, Laws MJ, Warner GR, Tajkhorshid E and Flaws JAPhthalate monoesters act through peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in the mouse ovaryReprod Toxicol354215609749796
2022Murphy HR, Gu Y, Wu Q, Brunner J, Panisch LS, Best M, Arnold MS, Duberstein ZT, Putzig J, Carnahan J, Groth SW, Barrett ES, Qiu X and O'Connor TGPrenatal diurnal cortisol: normative patterns and associations with affective symptoms and stressPsychoneuroendocrinolo gy35797838
2022Murphy M and Warner GRHealth impacts of artificial turf: toxicity studies, challenges, and future directionsEnviron Pollut35948114
2022Neff AM, Laws MJ, Warner GR and Flaws JAThe effects of environmental contaminant exposure on reproductive aging and the menopause transitionCurr Environ Health Rep351039578988816
2022Ng JH, Rice KK, Ananth CV and Brandt JSAttitudes about marijuana use, potential risks, and legalization: a single-center survey of pregnant womenJ Matern Fetal Neonatal Med33292026
2022Plascak JJ, Mooney SJ, Schootman M, Rundle AG, Llanos AAM, Qin B, Hong CC, Demissie K, Bandera EV and Xu XValidating a spatio-temporal model of observed neighborhood physical disorderSpat Spatiotemporal Epidemiol356916409193978
2022Qin B, Kim K, Goldman N, Rundle AG, Chanumolu D, Zeinomar N, Xu B, Pawlish KS, Ambrosone CB, Demissie K, Hong CC, Lovasi GS and Bandera EVMultilevel factors for adiposity change in a population-based prospective study of black breast cancer survivorsJ Clin Oncol353335869273374
2022Quraishi SM, Hazlehurst MF, Loftus CT, Nguyen RHN, Barrett ES, Kaufman JD, Bush NR, Karr CJ, LeWinn KZ, Sathyanarayana S, Tylavsky FA, Szpiro AA and Enquobahrie DAAssociation of prenatal exposure to ambient air pollution with adverse birth outcomes and effect modification by socioeconomic factorsEnviron Res356407059674115
2022Rizzolo D, Kong B, Piekos S, Chen L, Zhong X, Lu J, Shi J, Zhu HJ, Yang Q, Li A, Li L, Wang H, Siemiątkowska A, Park C, Kagan L and Guo GLEffects of overexpression of fibroblast growth factor 15/19 on hepatic drug metabolizing enzymesDrug Metab Dispos34965924
2022Russo DP and Zhu HHigh-throughput screening assay profiling for large chemical databasesMethods Mol Biol35294761
2022Shannar A, Sarwar MS and Kong ATA new frontier in studying dietary phytochemicals in cancer and in health: metabolic and epigenetic reprogrammingPrev Nutr Food Sci367217579843711
2022Shi Z, Xia M, Xiao S and Zhang QIdentification of nonmonotonic concentration- responses in Tox21 high-throughput screening
estrogen rec tor assays
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol359885849452481
2022Taylor RE, Bhattacharya A and Guo GLEnvironmental chemical contribution to the modulation of bile acid homeostasis and farnesoid X receptor signalingDrug Metab Dispos34759011
2022Van Doren WW, Iqbal UH, Helmer DA, Litke DR, Simon JE, Wu Q, Zhao D, Yin Z, Ho L, Osinubi O and Pasinetti GMChanges in polyphenol serum levels and cognitive performance after dietary supplementation with concord grape juice in veterans with gulf war illnessLife Sci342373119267469
2022Wang Y, Perera F, Guo J, Riley KW, Durham T,
Ross Z, Ananth CV, Baccarelli A, Wang S and Herbstman JB
A methodological pipeline to generate an epigenetic marker of prenatal exposure to air pollution indicatorsEpigenetics334650048812744
2022Welch BM, Keil AP, Buckley JP, Calafat AM, Christenbury KE, Engel SM, O'Brien KM, Rosen EM, James-Todd T, Zota AR, Ferguson KK, Alshawabkeh AN, Cordero JF, Meeker JD, Barrett ES, Bush NR, Nguyen RHN, Sathyanarayana S, Swan SH, Cantonwine DE, McElrath TF, Aalborg J, Dabelea D, Starling AP, Hauser R, Messerlian C, Zhang Y, Bradman A, Eskenazi B, Harley KG, Holland N, Bloom MS, Newman RB, Wenzel AG, Braun JM, Lanphear BP, Yolton K, Factor-Litvak P, Herbstman JB, Rauh VA, Drobnis EZ, Sparks AE, Redmon JB, Wang C, Binder AM, Michels KB, Baird DD, Jukic AMZ, Weinberg CR, Wilcox AJ, Rich DQ, Weinberger B, Padmanabhan V, Watkins DJ, Hertz- Picciotto I and Schmidt RJAssociations between prenatal urinary biomarkers of phthalate exposure and preterm birth: a pooled study of 16 US cohortsJAMA Pediatr358163339274448
2022Yang M, Lee Y, Gao L, Chiu K, Meling DD, Flaws JA and Warner GRPerfluorooctanoic acid disrupts ovarian steroidogenesis and folliculogenesis in adult miceToxicol Sci351048888963314
2022Capelo-Martínez JL, Lodeiro C, Lo IMC and Burger JPost-global pandemic challenges and improvements in advanced detection and removal processes of toxic pollutants: editorialJ Hazard Mater360277549385602
2022Greenberg M, Burger J, Lowrie K and Higley KBuild trust through repeated engagement as an honest expertRisk Anal36625051
2022Greenberg M, Lowrie K, Burger J and Burke TListen to the communityRisk Anal36625041
2022Greenberg M, Lowrie K, Burger J and Fields TBuilding networks for successRisk Anal36625054
2022Greenberg M, Lowrie K, Burger J and Jackson RBe empathetic, humble, and clearRisk Anal36625052
2022Greenberg M, Lowrie K, Burger J and Orrell ABe the honest brokerRisk Anal36468214
2022Kong B, Rizzolo D, Taylor RE and Guo GLBile acid profiling in mouse biofluids and tissuesMethods Mol Biol352130038922367
2022Barrett ES, Andrews TR, Roy J, Greenberg P, Ferrante JM, Horton DB, Gordon M, Rivera-Núñez Z, Pellerano MB, Tallia AF, Budolfson M, Georgopoulos P, Reed D, Lynn B, Rosati R, Castañeda M, Dixon F, Pernell C, Hill D, Jimenez ME, Blaser MJ, Panettieri R, Jr. and Hudson SVCommunity- versus health care organization-based approaches to expanding at-home COVID-19 testing in black and latino communities, New Jersey, 2021Am J Public Health362650929707722
2022Barrett ES, Corsetti M, Day D, Thurston SW, Loftus CT, Karr CJ, Kannan K, LeWinn KZ, Smith AK, Smith R, Tylavsky FA, Bush NR and Sathyanarayana SPrenatal phthalate exposure in relation to placental corticotropin releasing hormone (pCRH) in the CANDLE cohortEnviron Int350078988821329
2022Barrett ES, Workman T, Hazlehurst MF, Kauderer S, Loftus C, Kannan K, Robinson M, Smith AK, Smith R, Zhao Q, LeWinn KZ, Sathyanarayana S and Bush NRPrenatal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure in relation to placental corticotropin releasing hormone in the CANDLE pregnancy cohortFront Endocrinol (Lausanne)364402329691680
2022Baumert BO, Fiedler N, Prapamontol T, Naksen W, Panuwet P, Hongsibsong S, Wongkampaun A, Thongjan N, Lee G, Sittiwang S, Dokjunyam C, Promkam N, Pingwong S, Suttiwan P, Siriwong W, Barry Ryan P and Boyd Barr DUrinary concentrations of dialkylphosphate metabolites of organophosphate pesticides in the study of asian women and their offspring's development and environmental exposures (SAWASDEE)Environ Int345830958688265
2022Burger JTrust and consequences: role of community science, perceptions, values, and environmental justice in risk communicationRisk Anal361160029912930
2022Burger JEcological information and approaches needed for
risk communication dialogs for acute or chronic environmental crises
Risk Anal354914049945453
2022Burger J, Gochfeld M, Kosson DS, Brown KG, Salisbury J, Greenberg M and Jeitner CCombining ecological, eco-cultural, and environmental justice parameters to create Eco-EJ indicators to monitor cultural and environmental justices for diverse communities around contaminated sitesEnviron Monit Assess351503189488455
2022Burger J, Greenberg M and Lowrie KIntroduction and lessons learned from discipline experts, practitioners, and risk communication experts about risk communication during crises and chronic exposuresRisk Anal364682079949510
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Berlin KClimate science, risk, and solutions must be communicated togetherRisk Anal36625058
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Boyd ARespect local knowledge, communication, and traditionsRisk Anal36625043
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Goldstein BDRisk communication as an essential component of public health practiceRisk Anal36625059
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Johnson JH, Jr.Listen and find commonalitiesRisk Anal36625055
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Kosson DBe trustworthy, credible, approachable, and independentRisk Anal36625044
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Lemire MBe honest, transparent, culturally relevant, and take time, and then more timeRisk Anal36625045
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Lohmann MChallenge the status quoRisk Anal36625053
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Redfield MEBeing familiar with all the stakeholders is criticalRisk Anal36625050
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Regalbuto MRespect, sincerity, and concern for workers are essentialRisk Anal36625048
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Safina CProvide your audience with information they care aboutRisk Anal36625057
2022Burger J, Greenberg M, Lowrie K and Weber NBe truthful, proactive, humorous, concerned, and provide solutionsRisk Anal36625049
2022Burger J, Lowrie K and Greenberg MRTalking to the media requires clear, concise, relatable messagesRisk Anal36625056
2022Burger J, Lowrie K, Greenberg M and Salisbury JABe persistent, consistent, and trustworthyRisk Anal36625046
2022Coffaro B and Weisel CPReactions and products of squalene and ozone: a reviewEnviron Sci Technol356488159231367
2022Conde K, Kulyk D, Vanschaik A, Daisey S, Rojas C, Wiersielis K, Yasrebi A, Degroat TJ, Sun Y and Roepke TADeletion of growth hormone secretagogue receptor in kisspeptin neurons in female mice blocks diet-induced obesityBiomolecules362915799599822
2022DeLoid GM, Cao X, Coreas R, Bitounis D, Singh D, Zhong W and Demokritou PIncineration-generated polyethylene micro- nanoplastics increase triglyceride lipolysis and absorption in an in vitro small intestinal epithelium modelEnviron Sci Technol359730949559972
2022Eick SM, Geiger SD, Alshawabkeh A, Aung M, Barrett ES, Bush N, Carroll KN, Cordero JF, Goin DE, Ferguson KK, Kahn LG, Liang D, Meeker JD, Milne GL, Nguyen RHN, Padula AM, Sathyanarayana S, Taibl KR, Schantz SL, Woodruff TJ and Morello-Frosch RUrinary oxidative stress biomarkers are associated with preterm birth: an environmental influences on child health outcomes program studyAm J Obstet Gynecol36400174
2022Ferguson KK, Bommarito PA, Arogbokun O, Rosen EM, Keil AP, Zhao S, Barrett ES, Nguyen RHN, Bush NR, Trasande L, McElrath TF, Swan SH and
Sathyanarayana S
Prenatal phthalate exposure and child weight and adiposity from in utero to 6 years of ageEnviron Health Perspect354522579031798
2022George B, Szilagyi JT, Joy MS and Aleksunes LMRegulation of renal calbindin expression during cisplatin-induced kidney injuryJ Biochem Mol Toxicol354033009296602
2022Gholizadeh A, Black K, Kipen H, Laumbach R, Gow A, Weisel C and Javanmard MDetection of respiratory inflammation biomarkers in non-processed exhaled breath condensate samples using reduced graphene oxideRSC Adv365450819745889
2022Ibroci E, Thurston SW, Barrett ES, Bush NR, Nguyen RHN, Sathyanarayana S, Reichenberg A, Collett BR, Swan SH and Evans SFPrenatal bisphenol a exposure in relation to behavioral outcomes in girls aged 4-5 and modification by socio-demographic factors in the infant development and environment study (TIDES)Neurotoxicology3566178410026942
2022Jan YH, Heck DE, An Y, Laskin DL and Laskin JDNitrogen mustard alkylates and cross-links p53 in human keratinocytesChem Res Toxicol353123109491701
2022Jia X, Wen X, Russo DP, Aleksunes LM and Zhu HMechanism-driven modeling of chemical hepatotoxicity using structural alerts and an in vitro screening assayJ Hazard Mater357397239262097
2022Jones ER, Cedeño Laurent JG, Young AS, Coull BA, Spengler JD and Allen JGIndoor humidity levels and associations with reported symptoms in office buildingsIndoor Air34859930
2022Joseph LB, Gordon MK, Zhou P, Hahn RA, Lababidi H, Croutch CR, Sinko PJ, Heck DE, Laskin DL and Laskin JDSulfur mustard corneal injury is associated with alterations in the epithelial basement membrane and stromal extracellular matrixExp Mol Pathol3579806310044521
2022Karas BF, Doherty CL, Terez KR, Côrte-Real L, Cooper KR and Buckley BTDose uptake of platinum- and ruthenium-based compound exposure in zebrafish by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with broader applicationsJ Vis Exp355322729281581
2022Kozlosky D, Barrett E and Aleksunes LMRegulation of placental efflux transporters during pregnancy complicationsDrug Metab Dispos349920739513846
2022Kuiper JR, O'Brien KM, Welch BM, Barrett ES, Nguyen RHN, Sathyanarayana S, Milne GL, Swan SH, Ferguson KK and Buckley JPCombining urinary biomarker data from studies with different measures of urinary dilutionEpidemiology354739179585883
2022Laumbach RJ, Mainelis G, Black KG, Myers NT, Ohman-Strickland P, Alimokhtari S, Hastings S, Legard A, de Resende A, Calderón L, Lu FT and
Kipen HM
Presence of SARS-CoV-2 aerosol in residences of adults with COVID-19Ann Am Thorac Soc347625628867362
2022Lazofsky A and Buckley BRecent trends in multiclass analysis of emerging endocrine disrupting contaminants in drinking waterMolecules365579679781274
2022Lazofsky A, Doherty C, Szary P and Buckley BA surface sampling and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry method for the analysis of quaternary ammonium compounds collected from public transportation buses in New JerseyEmerg Contam357914229247117
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