Facility Cores and Translational Research Core

CEED invests in research infrastructure, as well as meeting the technological and analytical needs of members through four Facility Cores. These cores provide access to stateof-the-art mass spectrometry, confocal and digital imaging, flow cytometry/cell sorting, cellular bioenergetics, animal and human exposure studies, and computational toxicology (machine learning, toxicokinetic and geospatial modeling). As detailed below, Rutgers continues to make investments in these facility cores through renovated facilities and the purchase of new equipment. Connecting these Facility Cores is the Translational Research Support Core (TRSC), which has been reoriented in the new RFA from the previous Integrated Health Science Facility Core. This new Core will provide greater access to resources required for translational research and work to remove barriers to translation. TRSC will expand capabilities in dissemination and implementation science and implementation strategies to ensure that interventions being developed by CEED are adopted and used effectively to improve public health.

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